Mitsuwa makes sauce
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Sunfoods Inc.

Selling points

Specialty sauces for Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, the Hiroshima soul food


Made for professionals

  • Used in major restaurants, including Okonomi-mura Village, Japan’s most famous food theme park

  • Intentionally refrained from JAS certification to protect the unique flavor of Hiroshima sauce


Oldest sauce manufacturer in Hiroshima

  • Founded 102 years ago. A team of old-fashioned professionals

  • In addition to making sauce, also provide technical training for okonomiyaki restaurants and support for new businesses



  • Developing products for overseas tourists with vegetarian or halal food restrictions

  • We want to spread Hiroshima’s soul food around the world

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Recommended products


Okonomi Sauce

  • First sold in the 1960s. Certified as a Hiroshima Brand. Used at all shops in Okonomi-mura Village

  • "Extra-hot" sauce with 20 times the hot pepper is another popular choice

420 g bottle
Recommended retail price: 315 yen + tax
(in Japan)

Yakisoba Sauce

  • Made with 8 spices. This versatile sauce has a refreshing acidity with less sweetness

  • Official sauce of largest convenience store chain in Japan

  • "Spicy" sauce with 12 spices is another popular choice

420 g bottle
Recommended retail price: 315 yen + tax
(in Japan)

Yuzu Sauce

  • Aromatic sauce with famous yuzu juice from Kochi Prefecture

  • No caramel pigment. Perfect for health-conscious customers

420 g bottle
Recommended retail price: 450 yen + tax
(in Japan)

Frozen Okonomiyaki

  • The easy way to enjoy authentic Hiroshima Okonomiyaki at home

  • Contains no meat or soba (buckwheat). (Made with stir-fried udon noodles.) No gardenia pigment

  • Each one is hand-grilled by a professional

1 serving
Recommended retail price: 450 yen + tax
(in Japan)
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Executive Message

We are a sauce manufacturer born in Hiroshima more than a century ago and guided by the discerning taste buds of Hiroshima citizens. We hope to deliver the flavor of Hiroshima soul food to dinner tables around the world.
We provide buzzworthy products to popularize Japanese food culture. We also help design effortless menus using our sauces.
President and CEO
布﨑 正憲
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Company Overview

Founded April 1916
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Headquarters 1-26-1 Dejima, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Business Summary Manufacture of household and commercial food products
Notes No plan to receive halal certification
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Editer's Message

Once trying it, you will become addicted to this rich spicy sauce. Not only served with Okonomiyaki and yakisoba, it could perfectly accompany any ingredients such as stir-fried vegetables or pork cutlets. Anyway, it tastes good with sake.
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