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Okuizumo Syuzo Co., Ltd. | JAPAN brand in CHUGOKU region Official Web Site

Initiative by
a young sake brewery
in a rice-growing town

Okuizumo Syuzo Co., Ltd.

Selling points

Authentic local sake made using only Okuizumo rice and water


Made with only local rice and water

  • The town hall took over this historical sake brewery when it went out of business

  • Ingredients strictly limited to local rice and water


All products are Junmai-shu

  • Production is limited to Junmai-shu (sake made without brewer’s alcohol) because of the town’s favorable rice production

  • The difference in temperature between day and night creates “hard rice” optimal for sake brewing


Also taking on the challenge of making sake with table rice

  • Rebelling against the conventional wisdom that sake made with table rice is low grade, we brew deliciously savory sake made with Nitamai Koshihikari, the local rice brand

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Recommended products


Nitamai Koshihikari Junmai Daiginjyo

  • Made with 100% Nitamai Koshihikari brand rice from Okuizumo. 50% rice polishing ratio

  • Mild ginjo aroma and savory rice flavor. Enjoy as you would a white wine

  • Won Gold Award in Daiginjo B Category, US National Sake Appraisal 2018, and Chairman’s Trophy in Ultimate Wine Challenge 2017, New York

720 ml bottle
Suggested retail price: 2,000 yen + tax
(in Japan)

Okuizumo Junmai Ginjyo

  • Made with 100% Okuizumo sake rice (Gohyakumangoku and Sakanishiki varieties). 60% rice polishing ratio

  • Clean, mild taste. Great compatibility with a variety of cuisines

  • Won Gold Medal in Premium Atsukan (Warmed Sake) Category, Kan Sake Award 2018

720 ml bottle
Suggested retail price: 1,500 yen + tax
(in Japan)

Okuizumo no Itteki (4 Varieties)

  • Made 100% with 4 varieties of sake rice from Okuizumo. 60% rice polishing ratio

  • Brewed using a single rice variety for both koji mold rice and sake rice with identical process specifications and temperature

  • This playful series allows you to enjoy the difference in flavor produced solely by the difference in sake rice. Enjoy selecting a sake to suit your meal
    ・Gohyakumangoku: full-bodied, dry flavor
    ・Kairyo-Omachi: mild, sweet flavor
    ・Kairyo-Hattan-Nagare: mild, clean flavor
    ・Sakanishiki: clean, aromatic flavor

720 ml bottle
Suggested retail price: 1,250 yen + tax
(in Japan)
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Executive Message

We are a young brewery who took over this business only 15 years ago. Due to our short history, our young sake brewer and workers are flexibly-minded in taking on new challenges. We have received high acclaim and feel that we are making history with our own hands. We encourage you to try our products.
General Manager
寺戸 史浩
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Company Overview

Founded 2004
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Headquarters 1380-1 Kamedake, Okuizumo-cho, Nita-gun, Shimane Prefecture
Business Summary Manufacture of sake for household and restaurant use
Notes We use chilled containers and recommend chilled storage at shipping destinations
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Editer's Message

While worrying about “getting lost”, we arrived at a sake brewing winery in a mountain village. The sake makers here always insist on using local rice and water in the manufacture of the best sake.
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