A Japanese liqueur
with 360 years of history

Okamoto Kametaro Main Store Co., Ltd.

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A medicinal alcohol brewed with mirin and spices

*mirin (sweet Japanese rice wine)


Production method unchanged for 360 years

  • Cinnamon and 15 other spices are preserved in our in-house mirin to create this Japanese liqueur

  • Was sold exclusively by the Fukuyama Domain as a health and beauty tonic


Based on our in-house mirin

  • Houmeishu’s base mirin alcohol is produced in company factory
    *Houmeishu (traditional liqueur for good health)

  • Contains 18 amino acids (compared to 12 in conventional mirin)


Presenting new ways to enjoy this liqueur

  • Product development transitioned to emphasize enjoyment over health

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Recommended products


40% Houmeishu

  • Alcohol content of original Houmeishu is raised to 40%

  • Delightful spicy scent and rich, mellow grain aroma

  • May be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, as a cocktail base, or in baking

  • Ingredients: mochigome (Japanese sticky rice), uruchi koji (Japanese rice mold), brewing alcohol, otsu group shochu liquor, 16 spices

750 ml bottle
Suggested retail price: 2,600 yen
(includes tax, in Japan)

Houmeishu Umetaro

  • Houmeishu with preserved Kishu Nanko plums

  • Crisp palate and refreshing plum fragrance

  • May be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, with soda or hot water, as a cocktail base, or to flavor ice cream and other desserts

  • Anzu (apricot) and ginger flavors also available

300 ml bottle
Suggested retail price: 1,300 yen
(includes tax, in Japan)

Junmai Jikomi Hon-Mirin

  • Our in-house hon-mirin liquor is essential to make Houmeishu. We take the greatest care in ingredients and manufacturing process to create this premium product

  • Made with 100% Japanese rice and rice koji mold. Zero additives

  • Contains 18 amino acids

  • Distinctive dark color results from condensed umami (savory flavor) components

150 ml bottle
Suggested retail price: 500 yen
(includes tax, in Japan)
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Executive Message

Houmeishu originated in the 17th century and was used both as a medicine and an alcoholic beverage. A major product of the Fukuyama Domain, it was sold as a luxury good to feudal lords and merchants. It was also served to the Joseon Tongsinsa Korean Ambassadors, to Commodore Perry, and at the Paris World’s Fair in the 19th century. We have maintained our traditional manufacturing method to this day while presenting new ways of enjoying this delightful liqueur.
President and CEO
岡本 良知
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Company Overview

Founded 1855
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Headquarters 927-1 Tomo, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Business Summary Manufacture of Japanese liqueurs and hon-mirin
Notes Regulated by Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and local laws
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Editer's Message

“Tomo no Ura” town was mentioned in the oldest Japanese Poem Series titled "Manyoshu" from the 8th century. The long-lasting sake that has been loved in this harbor town since ancient times is likened to "a liqueur of immortality." Plum wine and apricot wine are also palatable and tasty.
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