Health foods with
low carbs and low calories

Nishiki, Inc.

Selling points

High-quality konnyaku products made with Nishiki water


Health foods made from konnyaku

  • low carbs and low calories

  • Abundant dietary fiber to improve digestion (a healthy scrub for your gut)


Made with “Nishiki no Tennensui” natural mineral water

  • Made with underground water that won the Monde Selection Gold Award three years in a row

  • Reduced coagulant (calcium hydroxide) to eliminate distinctive odor (just rinse with water, no extra prep needed)


ISO 22000 Certified (Food Safety)

  • Commitment to strict hygiene management in machinery and facilities

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Recommended products


Tsubu Konnyaku

  • Just mix with 1 rice cooker cup of rice and cook.Makes 2 rice cooker cups of rice with 50% fewer carbs

  • No need to adjust amount of water (patent pending)

  • Made with 3 times the konnyaku powder of a typical slab of konnyaku

430 g package
Recommended retail price: 500 yen + tax

Tusbu-Kon Rice

  • Tsubu Konnyaku and rice are packed together. Ready in 2 minutes in the microwave

  • Makes one large serving of rice with 50% fewer carbs

200 g package
Recommended retail price: 400 yen + tax

Healthy Risotto (3 Flavors)

  • Risotto made with Tsubu Konnyaku. Just heat up in the microwave

  • 3 flavors: Tomato, Cheese, and Curry. Versatile flavoring for any country or region

200 g package
Recommended retail price: 350 yen + tax
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Executive Message

This entire region was a konnyaku production area in the past, but konnyaku can no longer be cultivated due to global warming. Nevertheless, our goal is to produce delicious konnyaku made from 100% fresh konjac yam and develop konnyaku-based health foods. Our patented Tsubu Konnyaku is our first step in this journey, and we hope to expand our recipes to suit the palates of people around the world.
Managing Director
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Company Overview

Founded 1905
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Headquarters 131 Funotani, Nishiki-machi, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Business Summary Manufacture of konnyaku-based processed foods
Notes Made with konnyaku grown in Gunma Prefecture. Import prohibited in some countries and regions.
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Editer's Message

It is a safe and secure healthy food ingredient provided by the maker who has access to pure mountain water. They also offer products to local citizens' cooperative super-market; the carefully selected ingredients and traditional business style are winning the loyalty of customers.
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