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241 Co. | JAPAN brand in CHUGOKU region Official Web Site

Crazy denim
by Eiichi Fujii

241 Co.

Selling points

One-of-a-kind denim for sophisticated tastes


Unconventional ideas by founder Eiichi Fujii

  • I don’t care about prices. I want to make a product that no one else can imitate

  • I want customers to continue wearing a single piece for many years


A treasure trove of denim sewing technique

  • Vast knowledge of thread weights and sewing techniques

  • Company-owned factory in Okayama fulfills even the toughest requests

  • Always developing new methods of creative expression


Okayama is a major denim-producing region

  • Superior development ability due to cross-company collaboration on denim fabric and wash processing

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Recommended products


4 Ton Pressed Jeans

  • Flagship model that exhibits the full range of our company's technique

  • Our concept is to reproduce a pair of jeans worn for 15 years with continuous repairs. Our company's flagship model: only one pair can be made per week

  • A weeklong cycle of repeated wash process fading and repairing is followed by finishing with a 4-ton press to flatten the fabric and produce a vintage look

  • This product is a luxury jeans that has undergone an unbelievable weathering process. (Based on Product #2, Rigid Straight Pants)

Recommended retail price
150,000 yen + tax

Rigid Straight Pants

  • Luxury non-wash jeans made with selvedge fabric woven to a narrow width

  • Slacks-finish waistband inside features piping throughout

  • Sewn with differing thread types and weights for each part, creating a richly expressive product

Recommended retail price
18,000 yen + tax
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Executive Message

While manufacturing becomes automated, I believe that the warmth of an object created by hand will never disappear. We want you to continue using our one-of-a-kind denim products until the fabric wears out. We offer an unlimited repair warranty (fee-based) as long as Eiichi Fujii is alive - after all, our company is crazy!
President and CEO
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Company Overview

Founded 1994/1/1
Capital 8,000,000 yen
Headquarters 2-1-93-8 Shimono-machi, Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
Business Summary Manufacture of jeans and other men's and ladies' casualwear and accessories
Notes None
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Editer's Message

The headquarters and factory are located in a wonderful place that overlooks the Seto Inland Sea, inspiring creativity. "A new design using denim technology" is planned to be launched in February 2018. So excited about Fujii Eiichi's works.
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