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Nakamura Chaho

Selling points

A matcha long beloved by local residents


High quality at reasonable prices

  • The number one shop for Matsue citizens who drink matcha as an everyday tea

  • Invented the first electric tea grinding machine in Japan in 1913


From tea leaf production to matcha manufacture and sale

  • Original blend is manufactured from the finest selected domestic tea leaves

  • Company factory provides fresh-ground matcha

  • Fulfills any and all customer requests


An advocate of Japanese culture

  • Founded in 1884 as a separate branch of a long-standing tea distributor based in Uji, Kyoto

  • Supporting tea ceremony lessons in Thailand and Vietnam

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Recommended products


Matcha “Aoi-jirushi Naka-no-Shiro”

  • Matcha named by Matsudaira Fumai, feudal lord and tea master

  • Fresh-ground matcha made at company factory

  • Mild taste with depth

30 g
Recommended retail price: 1,200 yen + tax

Sencha “Mukashi Sencha Raiden”

  • This sencha has been sold since our founding more than 130 years ago

  • Strong-flavored guricha (tea leaves dried in curled shape)

  • Enjoy this sencha hot or even cold-brewed

100 g
Recommended retail price: 1,000 yen + tax

Kuki Hojicha “Fumaibo”

  • A kuki hojicha (stem tea) slow-roasted from the inside using our proprietary technique

  • This hojicha features a mild color and fragrance

Recommended retail price: 500 yen + tax

“Nakanoshiro Green Tea”

  • A casual matcha soft drink made by blending sugar with our “Nakanoshiro” matcha

100 g
Recommended retail price: 400 yen + tax
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Executive Message

We are a venerable tea maker that has passed down traditional Japanese culture since our founding in 1884. We are focusing on spreading tea ceremony culture from Matsue to Japan nationwide, as well as exporting tea to Asia.
We hope to make the best use of our Japanese tea knowledge and technique to fulfill requests from around the globe.
President and CEO
中村 寿男
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Company Overview

Founded 1884
Capital 7,200,000 yen
Headquarters 6 Tenjin-machi, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture
Business Summary Manufacture and wholesale of Japanese tea products, sale of tea ceremony implements
Notes Use refrigerated container when exporting by sea or air. Use refrigerated storage. Expiration: 6 to 12 months.
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Editer's Message

As matcha boom is spreading all over the world, inferior goods are on market. Nakamura's matcha is endorsed by its hometown Matsue and Thai royalty. Reasonable prices for high qualities would satisfy you.
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