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MIYAKE HONTEN Co., Ltd. | JAPAN brand in CHUGOKU region Official Web Site

A long-beloved
Hiroshima sake


Selling points

Bold, unconventional sake brewing


Daring young brewers

  • Awarded 9 times at the Annual Japan Sake Awards

  • Young brewers with sophisticated technique


Fulfill made-to-order requests

  • Can make sake, shochu, or liqueurs in sample or mass production

  • ISO 9001 certified, HACCP compliant


Local ingredients

  • More than 90% Hiroshima rice

  • Made with 100% Haigamine subsoil water. Soft water results in smooth palate

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Recommended products


Shinriki Kimoto Junmai Unfiltered Genshu 85

  • Made with Shinriki rice, our premiere rice. 85% rice polishing ratio

  • Time-consuming, meticulous Kimoto starter culture method

  • Great cheese pairing, popular worldwide

720 ml bottle
Suggested retail price: 1,500 yen + tax
(in Japan)

Sempuku Junmai-shu

  • Made solely with rice and rice koji mold

  • Mild chestnut-like aroma and sharp acidity. A clean, dry junmai-shu

720 ml bottle
Suggested retail price: 1,050 yen + tax
(in Japan)

Sen-no-Fuku Ajiwai-no Junmai Ginjo

  • Made solely with rice and rice koji mold

  • The perfect choice with dinner

  • Mild, subtle aroma. Moderate umami and sharp acidity

720 ml bottle
Suggested retail price: 1,200 yen + tax
(in Japan)
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Executive Message

We are exploring how to protect our traditions and culture while coexisting with technological innovation. We operate under our basic principle of “harmony among people”, which we have cultivated since our founding more than 160 years ago.
Aiming for complete quality management, we are ISO9001 certified and HACCP compliant. We are focusing on helping our international customers learn about and enjoy Japanese sake.
President and CEO
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Company Overview

Founded 1856
Capital 35,000,000 yen
Headquarters 7-9-10 Hon-dori, Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Business Summary Manufacture of sake for household and restaurant use
Notes Store product away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity
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Editer's Message

Overlooking the Kure city stands a huge factory with brick chimney and it is said to have an over 150 years of history. While appreciating the tradition, the factory also challenges for new flavors of sake. It is making great contribution to showing the world of what the real sake is like. Looking forward to what it will do in the future.
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