A delightful texture from the maverick of Kumano brushes

Koyudo Collection

Selling points

Makeup brushes made using calligraphy brush technique


Calligraphy brush manufacturing method

  • Exquisite texture produced by not cutting the brush tip

  • We employ three master brushmakers (certified traditional craftsmen)


Taking on new challenges

  • We never refuse customer requests

  • We are working on collaborations with other industries, including food, apparel, gift, automobile, shoes, and medical


Fulfilling stringent requirement specifications

  • Track record of original equipment manufacturing for prominent cosmetics companies

  • Meet industrial product performance standards of global corporations

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Recommended products


Professional makeup brushes

  • Luxury makeup brushes using calligraphy brush technique

  • Made with only high-quality natural raw animal hair

  • Pursuing perfection in texture. Non-cut tip. All hairs with low-quality tips are discarded

Powder brushes: 10,000 yen–50,000 yen
Facial cleansing brushes: 5,000 yen–30,000 yen
Cheek brushes: 5,000 yen–20,000 yen

Makeup brushes for beginners

  • Easy to use for women with limited makeup experience. Adhere to our company's quality standards, with charming finishing touches

  • Concept: using these makeup brushes inspires moments of joy. Perfect gift. Special touches in packaging as well as products

  • All-in-one fixtures for storefront use provided (sold)

All products: 3,000 yen–5,000 yen
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Executive Message

 While the calligraphy brush market is flooded with Chinese-made products, the Kumano region maintains our unique manufacturing method. Our makeup brushes are created one-by-one using superior techniques passed down in this region. We invite you to look at, touch, and try these brushes with makeup. Our goal is to bring happy smiles to customers' faces.
President and CEO
土屋 武美
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Company Overview

Founded February 11, 1978
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Headquarters 6-6-28 Dekiniwa, Kumano-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture
Business Summary Manufacture and sale of cosmetic and calligraphy brushes
Notes Not compliant with Washington Convention or halal
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Editer's Message

They are so adorable, so even women without makeup habits can barely stay without them. Let’s make your beloved ones happy.
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